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The Pre-Apprentice Painter and Decorator Program follows the current Alberta Apprenticeship Course Outline. Students will experience small class sizes and one-on-one training. Don’t Wait – Call Today!

Students can expect to spend, on average, 40 hours per week in classroom and technical/practical labs, with about 1/6 of the time in a classroom and 5/6 of the time in a practical setting.

All courses are based on a two week schedule. From 7:30 am – 4:00pm. each day 5 days a week, the students will be in a practical learning environment. Painting materials and supplies will be provided to the students for the courses they register for. All students are required to provide their own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Equipment includes hard hats, steel toed boots and safety glasses. Students are encouraged to wear “painters whites” during class to prepare for their painter mentality. For additional information, please contact PDA at: info@PDAacademy.ca
Session #Start DateSpots Available
Session 8January 11
Session 9January 26
Session 10February 22
Session 11March 7
Session 12April 4
Session 13April 18
Session 14May 9
Session 15May 30
Session 16June 13

Limited Class Sizes

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Contact PDA School for future class schedules as courses are available through June 2016.