Painter Decorator Academy – The Perfect Choice

Is there more than one painter school in your area? What makes Painter Decorator Academy School different and perhaps better? There are many reasons why students choose Painter Decorator Academy including:

  • Small Class Sizes for Individual Learning
  • Hands-on-Training for Wide Variety of Painting Careers
  • Individual Work Stations
  • Our High Standards
  • Focus Learning
  • Exciting, Creative Learning Environment
  • Job Placement Opportunities & Work Experience

Most importantly, Painter Decorator Academy Schools is the perfect choice because of our commitment to our students’ educational and practical experience. At PDA, we are dedicated to helping you train for a career that offers unlimited opportunities. We get you out of the gate real fast! Guaranteed!!


Painter Decorator Academy offers our future painting professionals a dynamic and visually appealing approach to their education, learning the fundamentals and advanced painting techniques.

Only  Painter Decorator Academy utilizes innovative and interactive curriculum. This distinctive teaching methodology brings your education to life. PDA presents a dynamic approach to your Practical and Theory Education. Unlike many textbooks which are long on text and short on real-world degrees and relevance, PDA`S training is:

  • Engaging and involving
  • Interesting and visually stimulating
  • Provide 75% Practical Experiences

Everything you learn is formatted so you can visualize it in the context of an actual project in a professional construction environment.