All of our graduates who complete our program will become a Certified Painter; thereby ensuring their complete confidence in any painting project.  In addition, all of our graduates have the opportunity to apply for the Apprenticeship Program.

This is what our Grads have to say about our program

I really enjoyed the class, very informative. I discovered muscles that I never knew I had.  Looking forward to my new career.
Loretta Ghostkeeper

PDA Academy has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of weeks, from how to apply paint properly to what colors compliment each other. I am so confident walking out of this class, it is surreal! I’ve learned an outstanding number of tricks that I would of never known in a million years. Janice is an outstanding teacher. If you don’t know something, she will teach you it. She doesn’t just tell you, she actually shows and teaches you how to do it. I can now go outside these doors, knowing how to safely do a job. From WHMIS, safety sheets, tools needed and quoting a job, I know it all. This Academy is such as eye opener and learning curve. I highly recommend this class to anyone entering this field of work and to people already working in this field.

Kirsten Forbes

Prior to PDA School, I could paint taking Level 2 Classes, not only did I graduate, I was given a great opportunity to apprentice for a super company. In just a a short time, I applied my skills that I learned at PDA and I have seen a substantial return on my investment already. The experience was worth the value of the course and has laid the foundation for my new career.

Cheryl Ropcean, Leadhand Painter.